PM Prescribes Respect for Deadlines…

This was during a working session after visiting the various sites to host the competition in Douala yesterday.

The Prime minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang has called on all those concerned with construction or renovation works on sites to host the 2019 AFCON to respect the deadlines for the execution of their jobs as well as the conditions of the confederation of African football.

The Prime spoke yesterday in Douala during a working session he held with stakeholders after visiting the various construction sites to serve in hosting the tournament in the economic capital, comprising sports infrastructure, medical facilities, hotels and the airport.

The visit took the Prime Minister to the Japoma sports complex, the Reunification stadium in Bepanda as well as the Bonamoussadi and Mbappe Leppe stadiums which will serve as training fields.

He also visited the Douala General hospital and the Douala international airport; At the Japoma sports complex, the P M was informed work had been accomplished by 30 per cent on the main stadium and 30 per cent generally comprising the other facilities such as the two training stadiums.

The project manager for Yenigun Construction Company reassured the PM that work on the main stadium will be completed on time by December 2018 and the remaining facilities to be delivered three months later, that is three months before the beginning of the continental jamboree.

Renovation work was also in satisfactory progress at the Reunification stadium where the entire construction site has been fenced hence chasing away the heavy duty vehicles which used to be parked there disturbing work. The green turf of the stadium has also been scraped off and the ground being prepared for a new green turf. Construction work proper had also started at the Bonamoussadi and Mbappe Leppe training fields with the ground levelled and the foundation of the tribune being implanted.

At the general hospital, the PM was informed that the hospital’s equipment have been refurbished and new ones acquired under the government’s emergency plan for economic growth and the medical institution is now ready to receive any pathologies that may arise during the unfoldment of the tournament both in terms of equipment and human resources as the hospital has specialists in the domain of sports medicine.

The tableau was equally rayonant at the Douala International Airport where the entire edifice has received a fresh coat of paint while the toilets, ceiling of the waiting room and the kitchen have been renovated. Renovation work was still going on at the level of the tarmac and the parking lot of the airport.

After the inspection visit, the PM held a working session with stakeholders comprising hotel owners, contractors, and service providers like ENEO, CAMTEL and CAMWATER as well as the various ministerial departments concerned with the hosting of the competition such as MINSEP, MINTOUL, MINSANTE, MINHDU, MINTP and MINPOSTEL. It is worthy to note that the PM’s visit was in prelude to the second visit of CAF inspectors expected later this month.