election : CPDM Central Committee Secretary General Thanks Voters Politique.

 Following is a press release signed by the Secretary General of the Central Committee.

“With respect to the law, on 5 April, the Constitutional Council proclaimed the results of the senatorial elections of 25 March 2018. It should be noted that the Cameroon’s People. Democratic Movement significantly won in net improvement as compared to the 2013 election, which reflects more seats in its favour.

This resounding and transparent success of the Party, to which should be added the many rallies during the electoral process, confirms in the most remarkable ways the confidence of the vast majority of our compatriots toward the CPDM and more particularly to its Esteemed Head, President Paul Biya, the National President, President of the Republic and Head of State.

On this solemn occasion, the Secretary General of the Central Committee cordially extends the gratitude of the great family of the CPDM, assembled behind the National President to all our compatriots, voters, who have given their support to the lists of the CPDM. He welcomes, in particular, the peaceful and calm climate, witnessed during the elections over the national territory, thus confirming the great political maturity of the people of Cameroon who aspire only, to live in peace, in oneness of hearts and unity.

The Secretary General of the Central Committee also commends, accordingly, all the other actors in the electoral process, in the first place, the political parties having taken part in the elections, for their patriotic commitment and their high Republican values that have contributed to the smooth conduct of the elections and the normal functioning of the institutions.

At the end of this first election of the year, the Secretary General of the Central Committee requests all of our compatriots to remain committed to the preservation of peace, the strengthening of unity and to safeguard the territorial integrity, pledges for the success of the forthcoming elections, whose importance and issues require increased and permanent vigilance.

Finally, the Secretary General of the Central Committee commends the commitment and sense of responsibility of the militants, well-wishers and all CPDM supporters, so that they remain mobilized in the preparation of other elections scheduled for this current year 2018.

By actively pursuing voter registrations, particularly those of all the members of the basic organs bureaux who must intervene by the end of the month of May 2018, in order to ensure Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement other transparent, resounding and incontestable victories, than the one which has crowned the senatorial election of 25 March 2018”.

Yaounde, 6 April 2018
The Secretary General
of The Central Committee