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Video : « Njama Njama Cow » remix – Stanley Enow ft. Sarkodie (Review)

Video : « Njama Njama Cow » remix – Stanley Enow ft. Sarkodie (Review)

Few days ago the auto-claimed « King Stanley Enow » released the remix of the « Njama Njama Cow » featuring ghanean rapper Sarkodie. What do I think about it ?

Attention, the following words express my humble and « subjective truth »… In other words, my opinion. (Thought it would be wise to warn you guys…)?

Ya’ll know what I thought ?about the original song (lyrically poor), and I hope some of you guys recovered from my previous article, because it’s about to go down ! No just kidding, put away the pop corn, I’ll be brief this time (well I’ll try…).

For starters, I’ll quote the caption of the video directed by ghanean David Nicol-Sey and posted on Youtube :

Motherland Empire and SarkCess Introduces one of Africa’s biggest rap collabo’s that ever lived… »

Really ? When you invite a peer on your track, you somehow expose yourself? at the risk that the latter outstands… more than you. Should I draw a picture for sensitive viewers ? Stanley Enow tried his best to keep it up flow wise, but hello it’s Sarkodie ! I won’t comment on the fact that the ghanean rapper points out how much he usely takes for a featuring but did this one for free because he loved the track… Not quite sure how to interprete it… Bref… I prefer this version, and to me only this video should have been released.

?To be picky, ?I would have rather appreci?ated name dropping? with at least one cameroonian. Yeah I’m a patriot ! Don’t get me wrong, what’s happening to Stanley Enow is still great news for cameroonian hip hop and urban scene in general, but allow a girl to be perfectionnist and to want what’s best for her country. Because I always look at the bigger picture and the future… This is indeed the way I choose to contribute in this passionnate journey that is ours.

Conclusion, I salute the existence of the collabo which is great exposure for Stanley and Cameroon generally speaking. I still think that the artist can do better in terms of lyrics, generosity with his fellow citizens, authenticity, originality… Start working bruh ! We’re still waiting for the album…

What did you think about the song and the video  ?

PS : Can someone tell me how to pronounce Sarkodie ? Because I heard two versions of it… Sarkod(y) or Sarkod(ié) ?

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