Southern Cameroons Passport Out!

Southern Cameroons Passport Out!

The President of the Southern Cameroons Government in the diaspora has introduced the first ever International Passport for citizens of the Southern Cameroons, says a press statement from the office of the President.

The passport has the looks of any imaginable legitimate passport, with the emblem of the Southern Cameroons flag on its cover. Interestingly, the statement indicates that the passport will in the next one month go into wide circulation for citizens of Southern Cameroons to acquire without further explanation on how it will be used considering that it certainly will not be a legitimate document to enter Cameroon with.

More importantly, the Southern Cameroons Diaspora Government has no embassy and no diplomatic recognition anywhere – not even at the United Nations. This leaves one with more questions than answers as to how inventors of the passport hope it will be effectively used.

The Government of the Southern Cameroons (GoSC) is dedicated to governance based on the principle of shared responsibility tailored towards the deliverance of policies and services that enhances the freedom of the people of Southern Cameroons and brings an end to the occupation of the land.

Southern Cameroons was the southern part of the British Mandate territory of Cameroons in West Africa. Since 1961 it is part of the Republic of Cameroon, where it makes up the Northwest Region and Southwest Region.

Below is a full text of the press release.
June 10, 2014,

Washington DC, June 10: In the past 50 years of the occupation of Southern Cameroons, the systematic destruction of our structures, values and customs of nationhood and symbols of statehood have been designed to eliminate or emasculate every semblance of common value that bind us as a people. This policy has been systematic and designed to legitimize the occupation of our country in pursuit of a utopia of ‘one and indivisible Camerounese state’.

The creation and institutionalization of distinct symbols of statehood entrenched and solidifies the concept of nationhood borne out of a common history and common territorial space. While the physical occupation of the Southern Cameroons still remains a sad reality, a sense of difference and distinctiveness is constantly being strengthened by the Southern Cameroons flag, anthem and the map.

Today, the Government of Southern Cameroons (GoSC) announces with great pride that henceforth Southern Cameroonians would be able to be issued passports by relevant and competent Southern Cameroonians authorities. While this adds to other statehood paraphernalia, it indicates a radical departure from a past characterized by group membership and allegiance to Movement ideology.”
The Southern Cameroons passport shifts membership from different groups to citizens of the State. It also challenges the constructed identity imposed on our people and imbues a sense of pride and hope in a people robbed of their identity, their homeland and their values.

In the coming month, the GoSC will issues directives on various modalities laid down for our people at home and the Diaspora on application and acquisition of a Southern Cameroons passport. Because the passports are electronic readable, applicants would be required to provide various details that would in the future form Southern Cameroons’ citizens database.

The GoSC salutes the courage and determination of its partners of Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd for paving the way for the process to be realized.

Office of the President, GoSC
Ebenezer Akwanga.