Nomination for the 2016 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Ranking

On behalf of Avance Media, CELBMD Africa and partners, we are highly elated to convey the news of the Nomination in the 2016 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians ranking.

The Most Influential Young Cameroonians initiative is an annual awards and ranking scheme for young Cameroon Achievers between 15-40 years, spearheaded by Avance Media a social enterprise and CELBMD Africa in partnership with various Organisations.

The initiative is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Cameroon’s economy and whose works are at par with their impacts. This is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement to other young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.

We are aware that 2016 was coupled with a lot of challenges, but you showed dedication to your work and for that reason, Cameroonians nominated you when we opened nominations to the public.

The outcome of this ranking was after consultations with various local partner organisations, public nominations and in-depth research backed strictly based by our universal Criteria listed below.

  1. A Nominee must be between the age of 15 and 40
  2. A Nominee must be involved in his/her Service to Humanity actively for 2 years
  3. A Nominee must be have Public Evidences of his/her Outstanding Impact
  4. A Nominee must be Inspiring
  5. A Nominee must be Cameroonian

But to place you in our final ranking, we would be doing Public Voting where the public will be entitled to 100% decision on making who becomes the 2016 Most Influential Young Cameroonian.

Voting will be commence tomorrow, on 2nd January, 2017 till 16th January, 2017 on after which we will release the official ranking.

The hashtag for this initiative is #50MIYC, which can be used on various social media platforms.

You can visit our website, Follow us on Twitter @avance_media, Instagram: avance_media and Facebook Page; Avance Media to keep yourself updated with all information regarding this programme.

Kindly get back to us if you need any clarification and information regarding our work.

This initiative is led by Avance Media and The Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa in partnership with Jagari Designs, EOD Partners, My Naija Naira, Dream Ambassadors Foundation GH, CliqAfrica, Global Skills Exchange, Just Elect, Core Foundation, Project Know Thy Self and Barcity Media.

Our Rankings is also ongoing in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Warm Regards

Prince Akpah

MD, Avance Media

Javnyuy Joybert


Kindly locate the full list of the 2016 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians in their respective categories below.


  1. Bony Dashaco
  2. Christian Ngan
  3. Gwendolyne Halle
  4. Patrick Mandengue
  5. Fabrice Alomo
  6. Roland Fomundam


  1. Magasco
  2. Ndukong Godlove Nfor (Jovi)
  3. Nsang Dilong
  4. Okawa Shazney
  5. Stanley Enow
  6. Wax Dey

Leadership & Civil Society

  1. Ingrid Etoke
  2. Jacques Jonathan Nyemb
  3. Mamadou TOURE
  4. Nadege Yoko
  5. Ornella de Vinyle NZouegou
  6. Achaleke Christian Leke


  1. Bandy Kiki
  2. Eric Akoa
  3. Kibonen Nfi
  4. Njotu Denzel
  5. Valery Ayena


  1. Calvino Wallang
  2. Charles Ebune
  3. Ludovic Biyong
  4. Mark Bareta
  5. Pam Happi

Personal Development & Academia

  1. Bertheline Nina Tchangoue
  2. Bibaa Lundi Anne
  3. Etta Rita
  4. Madelle Mbong Kangha
  5. Nkwain John-Paul Sam
  6. Sahndra Fon Dufe

Science & Technology

  1. Arthur Zang
  2. Madiba Olivier
  3. Mambe Churchill Nanje
  4. Otto Akama
  5. Tonjé Bakang

Social Enterprise & Philanthropy

  1. Alain Nteff
  2. Charlie Wandji
  3. Eteki Stella Dopigma
  4. Ivo Arrey Mbongaya
  5. Ndansi Elvis Nukam
  6. Peter Nguafac Temate Fongeh


  1. Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
  2. Fabrice Ondoa
  3. Gaëlle Enganamouit
  4. Njie Clinton
  5. Vincent Aboubakar