Election Miss Cameroon Germany pageant: Essen is ready for the first edition

Election Miss Cameroon Germany pageant: Essen is ready for the first edition

The City of Essen, in Germany, will host the first ever Miss Cameroon Germany Beauty Queen and Goodwill Ambassador on May 28th, 2016. „A fun way of breaking stereotypes and cultural barriers by showcasing Cameroon’s talents, Culture and rich history”, said Mrs. Mauryne Mayong Epie, Founder of Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant. The  native Cameroonian from the Manyu division and  single mother of 2 children is a communication assistant based in Dusseldorf; she accepted to tell us more about the upcoming  contest.

Why a Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant Contest?

The purpose of organizing The Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant is a platform to empower and groom young Cameroonian Women to use their beauty, intelligent and talents to give back to the Community by working on micro projects that will impact lives of the underprivileged in Cameroon. Each of the Contestants must have a platform to work on that will benefit a Community in need, thereby making a difference.

In short, we promote integration through showcasing the different talents and Culture of the Cameroon. We also seek to redirect the minds of young Cameroonian people living in Germany to stay connected to their roots.

How many contestants did you register and what were the conditions?

We had several candidates who apply, but many of them could not fulfill the criteria which are to be enrolled at school, to be graduated or pursue a career. Finally, we selected 10 contestants and they come from the whole Germany: Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Gießen.

And what about the prizes?

For this first edition, the first prize is 1.500 € for Scholarship and Tuition. She will also receive an air ticket to fly to Cameroon to achieve her charity project. All these 10 contestants have a platform projects they are working on. So, the winner will travel to Cameroon to start her project which is going to benefit to a particular community.

How do Sponsors adhere to this marvelous project?

We don´t have many sponsors for this first edition, but some like Sonne Magazine, Mad Fashion, Idiba Beauty, Sunrise Foundation decided to back us without any particular conditions. I seize this opportunity to thank all of them for the big support they give us.

Did you face any difficulties while preparing this edition?

Of course, the challenges are many and various. For example, it is not easy to get girls because some of them think that you just come one day, you apply and they give you an award. They don´t know that it required hard job, that you had to attend workshops. Another difficulty is to bring girls understand the necessity to attend all workshops. The fact that the Cameroonian community is unsupportive is also a big challenge. You invite people to come and support or encourage the girls, they won´t come. I think it is because most of them do not know the importance of a beauty pageant.

A message for those who will attend the contest?

I expect the Cameroonian people to come massively to the first Edition of the Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant scheduled to take place on May 28th, 2016 in Essen. They should come and encourage their daughters. Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant is a yearly event. Each year, a new queen will be crowned

Miss Cameroon Germany Pageant, 1rst Edition: A Night of Empowering women.



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