Decentralisation And Local Development: Mayors Table Lobby Document

The strategic paper was handed to the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Governance by the Association of United Councils and Cities in Cameroon for consideration.

Attaining sustainable local development at decentralised arms of the government is a cardinal point for Mayors across the country irrespective of their political orientations. National interest and helping the nation achieve its emergence within the defined timeframe especially in the areas of local governance and decentralisation stand tall on the priorities of those who pilot councils in Cameroon.

In tandem with this objective, the Association of United Councils and Cities in Cameroon (CVUC) on March 13, 2018 presented a blueprint document to the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Elanga Obam George, for scrutiny.  The document contains the various challenges faced by local councils of the ten different regions of the State and propositions to be adopted where necessary.

While thanking the President of the Republic for creating a Ministry to address issues of decentralisation, the Mayors also pleaded for an improvement in working conditions at council levels. To them, the ministry created on March 02, 2018 by President Paul Biya is a gate way to development and facilitating the implementation of policies relating to decentralisation.

Receiving the document, Minister Elanga Obam George urged the Mayors to constructively contribute in the progress of the country.  “Let us accompany the Head of State in the policy of decentralisation. I remain open to objective proposals for the advancement of the nation. Every Mayor should embark on the search for solutions to sustainable development,” he commended.