Daphne Releases “Ndolo” featuring Ben Decca

Daphne Releases “Ndolo” featuring Ben Decca

Douala, Cameroon, June 14, 2016 / Steven’s Music Entertainment (SME) announces the release ofDaphne’s brand new Single “Ndolo”. The Makossa tinge track features Cameroon’s Makossa legend, Ben Decca.

The AnyKindBeats produced track, is a blend of Afrobeat and the more popular Makossa sound from Cameroon. It’s a mid-tempo song with a deep bass sound that complements the artist’s sultry vocals.

“Ndolo” is a fan favorite from Daphne’s album “Here To Stay”. The song was first introduced on Daphne’s debut EP “Reflection”. Featuring Ben Decca on the track added flavor and authenticity to the song’s Makossa roots. The song’s melody is so addictive and the two artists have added in ad-libs that are worth listening on their own.

Daphne and Ben Decca personify love as God who is the “food of the soul…the reason why we laugh, the reason why we cry, the reason why we smile, the reason why we live”.

“God is so beautiful, and will always be the pillar of my being,” says Daphne. “I turn to God for everything” she continues.

The video for “Ndolo” shows the beauty in nature and the essence of love for the least among us. The Urban Jamz Award winning director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens, directed the video.

“I wanted to make a simple video that showcases this beautiful world we live in. I was happy to have ‘Uncle’ Ben on set with me.” Daphne

The Audio for “Ndolo” will be released on June 15, 2016. The video will follow shortly and will be available on SME YouTube Channel upon release.

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