Anglophone Crisis: Police Allegedly Rapes Teenager in Bamenda

A 17 year old teenager has been allegedly raped by a Police Officer in Bamenda, North West region Monday July 23, 2018.

The incident which happened at Veterinary junction in Bamenda has now spread to the whole world in just few minutes. The girl could be seen crying in the video while narrating her ordeal.

In her own words “My mother sent me to get watermelon from her story. They took me down behind the petrol station. You know today is ghost town and places are deserted. The police officers asked for my ID card and I told them I didn’t have it on me,” she said amidst uncontrollable tears. “When I moved across to them, I was directed to their ‘big man’ who was standing beside the road. He asked me to meet two of his colleagues the other way. They sent me to meet the patron who asked to see my ID Card. I told him I did not have an ID card. He asked how old I am and I said 17. He asked what I was doing for the moment and I told him I wasn’t doing anything for the moment.
“He said so I am walking along the road without an ID card? I said yes. The other one left and talked with someone in a car. He came back and the big man ordered me to stand where those who don’t have ID Cards stand.
“I knelt down and beg but they insisted, saying that I am not the one commanding them. I was begging the police officers and they would not let me go. One of them dragged me and entered inside that petrol station. They said that is where those who don’t have ID cards are made to stand.

“There was nobody there. As he dragged me inside, he ordered me to take off my clothes. I told him I am a nursing and breastfeeding mother. He warned that I should not shout at him. He forcefully took off my clothes and raped me. When he finished, he tried to give me transport fare.” The survivor narrated to an amateur cameraman who was later threatened by Security forces for sending the video to Social Media.

Cameroonians have condemned the act and called on the government to take appropriate measures to bring to justice the said Police Officer.